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The traditional view of divorce is that it is a contentious and expensive process. A process where someone wins and someone loses and the main goal is to win at all costs. Divorce doesn’t have to be that way. You have options. Our divorce attorneys strive to be settlement advocates. We are always looking for ways to reduce conflict, stay out of court, and minimize stress and uncertainty on all family members.

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The attorneys at Ollenu, Green & Associates understand that divorce is more than a legal process. We know that going through the process of separation and divorce is a life-changing event and how it’s handled has a profound impact on your life and your children’s lives for many years to come. In a divorce, you and attorney need to answer complex and sensitive questions like:

  • Who gets to keep the house? Do we have to sell it?
  • How are we going to split the credit card debt, car payments, etc.?
  • How will we share custody of the kids?
  • Do I have to pay spousal support or child support? If so, how much?

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Family Law Attorneys

At Ollenu, Green & Associates, family law is all we do. In addition to divorce, we also provide the following family law services.

My spouse and I are not getting along. We have three young children and the constant fighting is wearing us out. We were thinking of living apart of awhile, but then we learned we should become legally separated instead. What’s wrong with just living apart?

While it’s true you can quietly live apart, if your marriage is in trouble, it’s best to find a way to protect your interests—and those of your children’s—before you start living separate lives. That’s why you should consider a legal separation, especially if you live in Connecticut.

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